A regrowth in the publishing industry has lead EZ Delivery to become one of the top target marketing delivery companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is simple: to get publisher’s product into the hands of consumers.


Whether your product is a daily/weekly newspaper or monthly magazine, EZ Delivery is fast, affordable, reliable, and on target.


We design targeted delivery programs to meet your specific  schedules. We also offer access to a web-based GPS tracking system to make sure you are getting the highest levels of performance from our carriers. Just log on and check the reports to make sure your routes have been covered. It can’t be more simple.


To learn more about what EZ Delivery can do for your company, please visit our Services page or call us at (510) 557-1463 for more information.

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Telephone: (510) 557-1463  •  Fax: (510) 732-6556